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About the Terrazzo

The history of Terrazzo can already be found in Ancient Greece.The modern terrazzo is made of different materials and is made by mixing the most basic concrete or resin with some other materials such as marble, granite or broken ceramics, because of the mixture of materials. The seeding, therefore, brings a colorful appearance to the terrazzo.

Terrazzo can show different texture elements, so you can add some visual elements to the space. For example, you can use terrazzo with floor, flat cabinet, sink, kitchen countertop and so on.

Terrazzo floors with proven resistance to wear and weathering and that maintain their splendor. Floors with proven resistance to wear,unchanged with passing fashions. A special feature of these The floors are that mixes can be designed to customer requests as long as the grain sizes of the marble are compatible with manufacturing process. The Terrazzo tiles are lighter because they are thinner. They come in larger formats and are calibrated to size so that they can be Laid without requiring on-site smoothing.

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